Supercars of the Northwest

Supercars of the Northwest



It's been a while since i've attended a local event. And quite often i've found the quality to be very hit and miss. With little to no expectations I made a trip to the not so aptly titled "supecars of the northwest" event.

Held in Southport the event was pretty light on supecars, but hidden away on the show field were a select few rare gems.

Whilst you wouldn't describe the performance of a stock Skoda 130 as "supercar like" they're by no means slow. This particular example however ditched the standard engine for that of a later model Skoda Fabia.

In a sea of Orange Ford Focus ST's the sight of a relatively standard Ford Escort RS Cosworth still stirs the soul. The 90's styling still looks suprisingly fresh in 2018.

Seeing a Nissan Skyline GTR R34 is increasingly rare, particularly in the famous Bayside blue. But no less than three GTR's graced the event.




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