Our story

Final Tenth as a project began back in 2012 in the United Kingdom. As a passionate offroad motorsport fan. I wasn't happy with the quality of merchandise available. The designs were poor and lacked excitement, and as a company we didn't want to be like everyone else. I began designing t-shirts and merchandise that I would want to buy, at the best quality.

We're quirky, a little off the wall even but our passion for motorsport is at the core of what we do.

So what sets us apart?

  • We make our products in the UK, and we use only the best suppliers.
  • We love the forrests and that's why we're passionate about the environment too.
  • All our products ship with recyclable packaging and no plastics.
  • We release in small quantities, you won't find our designs everywhere.
  • What we do is personal, you're not dealing with a warehouse and a picker.